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Hui hong photoelectric
- Asian professional manufacturer of optical glass design

    Haian County Department of rainbow photoelectric instrument factory is in the Soviet Union in a professional production of optical glass factory, established in 1985, is committed to different kinds of optical glass, precision optical lens, optical element, optical coating, optoelectronic devices, such as product development, production and sales.

    Thirty years of exchange rainbow optoelectronics do a good job in the domestic market at the same time, and actively explore the international market, the introduction of high technology, high precision equipment and advanced production technology, the enterprise has passed the ISO: 9001 quality management system certification, environmental certification.

    Huihong photoelectric main products has a variety of colorless optical glass, colored glass, filter, filter, filter, laser glass, quartz glass, insulating glass, through UV black glass, through near infrared (far infrared) glass, bandpass glass, the view function repair glass is, neutral gray glass (nd) filters, polarizers, silicon photocell, and other special glass and products.

    Products are widely used in the various tertiary institutions, scientific research institutes, supporting in the field of digital photoelectric instrument, optical instrument, medical instrument, biochemical instruments, public security, criminal investigation, financial equipment, beauty equipment, airport lamps and lanterns, stage LED lighting optical, aerospace, digital cameras and other high-end, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

    Enterprises have long been adhering to the "constantly meet customer needs, enhance the social value of the enterprise, the pursuit of perfect design, improve the self" business philosophy. "Based on integrity, mutual benefit" for the purpose. As the survival and development of enterprises, and now the rainbow optoelectronics has become a trusted brand at home and abroad customers.