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Which causes the damage of optical lenses

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/13 16:42:31

Whether it is an inorganic material or organic material made of optical lenses, in the daily use, due to the friction with the dust or grit (silicon oxide) will cause the lens wear, scratches on the surface of the lens. Compared with the glass sheets, the hardness of organic materials is relatively low, and it is easier to produce scratches. Through the microscope, we can observe to scratch the surface of the lens is mainly divided into two, one is due to the gravel scratches, shallow and small, wearing glasses is not easy to detect; another is generated by the larger gravel scratches and deep and surrounding rough in regional center will affect vision.

Then through the lens coating will reduce wear and tear, you can improve the quality of the lens and extend the life of the lens.

In the process of optical lens installation, if the method is not correct, it will make the lens is contaminated. Therefore, to comply with the operating procedures.

If a large number of lenses need to be installed and removed, it is necessary to design a fixture to complete the task. The specific fixture can reduce the number of contact lenses, thereby reducing the risk of lens contamination or damage.

In addition, if the lens is not installed correctly, the laser system will not work properly, or even will be damaged. All carbon dioxide laser lenses should be installed in a certain direction. So the user should be sure that the correct direction of the lens.

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