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Optical lenses are suitable for all kinds of fields

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/13 16:42:31

Hai Hui Huihong photoelectric professional production, processing a variety of specifications of coloured optical glass, colorless optical glass, filter, filter, insulating glass, yellow glass, orange glass, green glass, red glass through glass visible light, neutral gray glass, quartz glass, through red glass, near infrared glass, band pass filter and UV glass through UV black glass, and so on more than 100 types of products. The optical lenses produced by our company are suitable for medical, aerospace, military, civil and other fields.

Materials: all kinds of flint glass, UV quartz, quartz infrared.

Fluoride glass

Focal length: + 5mm - + 1000mm + 1%

Outer circle: 200mm - 5mm + 0.1mm

Central thickness tolerance: + 0.02mm

Center deviation: 3-5

Surface accuracy: /2@

Surface quality: 40/20

Effective diameter: 90%

Coating: our company can according to customer demand for optical lenses are coated, many kinds of specifications, different radius, substrate material of spherical lens, flat convex lens, flat concave lens, a biconvex lens, biconcave lens, meniscus lens, spherical reflector ordinary spherical mirror. Warmly welcome people from all walks of life come to discuss the purchase.

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