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A qualitative leap in the optical homogeneity of large size quartz glass in China

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/13 16:42:31

China Building Materials Science Research Institute successfully developed large size quartz glass products, products with diameter up to 600 mm above, optically homogeneous reached 2.1 10-6, to fill the domestic blank, marking the Chinese large size quartz glass optical homogeneity successfully entered the "2.0" era, laid the technical foundation for the R & D greater size and high uniform quartz glass products.

Optical homogeneity of the material characterization on the internal refraction rate uneven degree, if the optical uneven light through the medium will produce phase may lead to optical system to realize the expected function, even can not work properly. As a necessary for all kinds of sophisticated optical system lens material, fused silica glass optical uniform directly affect the imaging quality of the optical system. From "95", Chinese Building Materials Science Research Institute is committed to high uniform quartz glass for new technology and new equipment and related basic theory research, has pioneered the vertical chemical vapor deposition process in China in the "fifteen" period, the manufacture of large size, Gao Junyun quartz glass becomes possible; "11th Five-Year" during the implementation of a diameter of 300 mm diameter optical uniformity of 3 * 10-6 and mass production; through the "12th Five-Year" science and technology research, the optical homogeneity from 3 * 10-6 to 2 * 10-6 to achieve a qualitative leap, the formation of independent intellectual property rights of complete sets of technology and equipment, won the 2014 building materials industry science and Technology Invention Prize two the progress of the industry, driven by the application of related products, in the field of high technology and high precision of mapping camera system.

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