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Production process and classification of optical quartz glass in optical industry

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/13 16:42:31

Haian Huihong photoelectric is a professional manufacturer of optical glass, the optical glass exceeded hundreds of varieties. For a long period of time, countries for their own production of various grades of optical glass components is strictly secret. If a country once by other countries get optical glass composition and after successful trial production of optical glass, they often still use these "classical" formula and little improvement, or is only relying on the experience for the local adjustment. Such as silica, boron trioxide, phosphorus pentoxide, Na2O, K2O, calcium oxide, barium oxide, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, alumina and other composition and. The raw materials are cooled and condensed into a homogeneous, transparent, brittle, non crystalline substance after high temperature melting. Glasses glass mainly uses optical glass material, can be divided into two categories: colorless and colored optical glass. Optical glass variety, usually according to colorless optical glass refractive index or Abbe number size is divided into two kinds of crown and flint glasses.

The production technology of the Haian Department of Hong photoelectric quartz glass is as follows:

A melting furnace, melting furnace manufacturing: Clay furnace and furnace platinum two. In recent years, optical glass infiltrated rare elements are used to maintain the stability of the quality of small platinum furnace.

Second, into the optical glass raw materials: melting furnace (especially clay oven) after drying for a long time, add in accordance with special formula and selected other raw materials in melting furnace to melt.

Three, heating, melting, mixing, heating conditions, as materials and. However, all kinds of materials must be uniform, in order to homogeneous.

Four, cooling: for a long time to be Xu Leng". However, the length of time is also due to different materials, which is the most important process to ensure the quality of the best.

Five, splitting furnace, sorting out massive clay: split furnace, rough and don't choose it.

Six, inspection, testing, inspection or testing: integer by its performance, to ensure the excellent quality of quartz glass.

Seven, cutting and chamfering (trimming): the massive crude embryo in accordance with the purpose and specifications to be cut into small pieces and chamfer.

Eight, after the embryo is formed: the crude embryo is heated and softened, according to the specifications of the engineering drawing, and the embryo is formed. However, prior to the preparation or preparation of a variety of molds, tools and auxiliary materials, etc..

Nine, burn blunt: annealing passivation, eliminate internal stress.

Ten, testing, inspection: Test of the optical properties and appearance of the embryo. Optical quartz glass of the finished product will become the downstream industry (optical components manufacturing plant) of the hair embryo, continue to process after grinding, as optical components.

The gas in the melting from raw materials produced by the (gas), will remain in the glass, like bubbles, bubbles are as follows. There are traces of mixing in the glass as a layer of residual, as stripes, known as: veins.

In addition to optical quartz glass, the main component of the benefit of the special glass factory is a soda lime silicate system, the refractive index is 1.51, the visible light transmittance of 89% or more, can absorb ultraviolet 280nm.

Optical white film mainly composed of calcium sodium silicate system, and the refractive index of 1.531, Abbe number 60.5, transmittance is above 91%, anti ultraviolet performance is the worst. UV optical white film is in optical slices of white ingredients to add a small amount of titanium oxide and cerium oxide, so that it has a UV absorbing performance and the refractive index is 1.523, Abbe number 58.7, light transmission rate is above 91%, can absorb UV 330nm. And the mechanical properties and chemical stability is good, is widely used in the domestic and foreign absorption of ultraviolet rays of white quality lenses.

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