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What is the process of the production of optical glass raw materials

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/14 16:58:51

The raw materials for the production of optical glass are some oxide, hydroxide, nitrate and carbonate, and the introduction of phosphate or fluoride in accordance with the requirements of the formula. In order to ensure the transparency of the glass, we must strictly control the content of colored impurities, such as iron, chromium, copper, manganese, cobalt, nickel and so on. Accurate weighing, uniform mixing. The main production processes are melting, forming, annealing and inspection.

1, smelting

Continuous smelting process with single crucible batch melting method and tank furnace (see kiln). A single crucible melting method can be divided into clay crucible melting method and platinum crucible melting method. No matter what kind of smelting method is used, it is necessary to use a blender to mix, and the temperature and the stirring are controlled strictly, so that the optical glass liquid can reach a high degree of uniformity.

2, molding

Optical glass molding method of classical broken crucible method, rolling method and casting method. But now, more and more widely by leaking molding (using a single crucible or outflow continuous melting liquid), can directly pull rod or dropping pressure type or leakage material forming the large size of the blank, improve material drop efficiency of yield and usage.

3, annealing

In order to eliminate the internal stress of the glass and improve the uniformity of the optical system, a strict annealing system must be made.

4, inspection

The indexes include: optical constants, optical uniformity, stress birefringence, stripes, bubbles, etc..

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