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Influence of nonlinear optical waveguide on the density of optical quartz glass

Browse volume:  Date:2016/5/17 14:04:56

Haian Huihong optoelectronics professional production and supply of optical quartz glass, including the JGS1, JGS2, JGS3 grades of optical glass. The products are mainly used in optical lens, high temperature thermal insulation, optical forming and so on. Optical quartz glass is a kind of high purity special industrial technology glass containing only silicon dioxide (SiO2). As with other materials can not be replaced by a series of special properties, as well as very low thermal conductivity rate, and excellent thermal shock resistance, high deformation temperature and softening temperature, low heat conduction ability, and very low dielectric loss from the ultraviolet to the infrared extremely wide spectral range optical permeability. To make it play a very important role in modern industry and high technology field.

Ordinary optical glass mainly refers to the traditional sense of the use of a variety of optical instruments (such as optical lenses) colorless optical glass and optical glass for the use of filters. Ordinary optical glass currently has more than 200 kinds of brands, 3 or more of the elements in the periodic table of the chemical elements in the existing 2 O is introduced to optical glass. The colorless optical glass, according to their chemical composition and optical constants of features, mainly divided into the crown and flint class. Crown glass PbO content generally less than 3%, the refractive index is relatively low (nd < 1. 6), the smaller dispersion (Md> (55) or refraction rate is relatively high (nd> 1. 6), a low dispersion (Md> 50) when the PbO content greater than 3, and refraction rate is relatively high (nd> 1. 6), the dispersion is larger (Md< 55). Each major category can be further divided into a number of sub classes according to the characteristics of the chemical composition of the glass and the range of the refractive index nd and the dispersion Md.

Optical glass is the main material for the manufacture of optical lens and optical instruments. Xiamen Yi only special optical quartz glass (in ordinary borosilicate glass raw materials added a small amount of light sensitive material, such as AgCl and AgBr, then add a very small amount of sensitizer, such as Cuo, the glass to become more sensitive to light. There must be a highly accurate optical glass refraction rate, Abbe number and high transparency, high uniformity. Optical glass is with high purity silicon, boron and sodium, potassium, zinc, lead, magnesium, calcium, barium oxide according to a particular formula mixed, melted in a platinum crucible temperature, ultrasonic stir, to bubble, followed by a long slow cooling, in order to avoid glass block produce internal stress. After the cooling of the glass block, must be measured by optical instruments, test purity, transparency, uniformity, refractive index and dispersion rate is close to the specification. Glass block qualified after heating forging, optical lens blank.

Optical quartz glass by photolithography and ion exchange process to produce low loss optical nonlinear waveguide, preparation of small size intensive ultrafast light modulation integrated optical waveguide devices. For the large scale data transmission and processing to provide a practical element for the information highway based communication network information fast processing capacity and improve. Nonlinear optical materials and devices have become photonic microstructures and novel. The density of optical glass glass density is one of the basic physical properties of users and manufacturers must understand. In addition, the calculation of the molecular volume and molecular refractive index of the glass also requires the density of the data.

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