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The important role of optical glass in industrial production

Browse volume:  Date:2016/6/27 17:17:40

Optical glass is different from our daily life of ordinary glass, the so-called optical glass is through the special and rare elements added for the production of special glass, in the glass production process with special and rare elements can change glass of conventional properties, can let the glass products become more heat or a change in the glass surface properties, so that the glass can not afford not fog, dew condensation and so on.

For industrial production, optical glass has a very important role, the optical glass products, high temperature resistant glass is a very special glass products, able to withstand very high processing temperature and guarantee in the process of high temperature in the production and processing of available to the operator a safety observation of the environment, the effect of high temperature processing very ambitious.

In addition, in the physical and chemical aspects of the processing and production experiments, optical glass can assist a variety of physical and chemical experiments, to provide only enough theoretical support for the processing of production.

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