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Colorless Optical Glass

Product Model:Grade BK-7

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Colorless optical glass is mainly BK-7, B270, other colorless optical glass materials, can be based on your needs and requirements, to choose, accurate for your production.

Optical glass projection window

This product is in the German Schott optical glass material, through the vacuum plating system, its transmittance than ordinary glass through the rate of more than 7%, the transmittance of up to 99%. It is the best choice for the modern theater to use it as the isolation window of the screening room and the screening room. Sizes are usually 400*600, 300*400, etc., the larger size can also be customized!

Optical polarizing mirror projection window

The company R & D and production of large diameter 400*600 and 600*1200 polarization mirror (also known as: polarized lens), polarization mirror is divided into line polarization mirror (PL mirror) and circular polarization mirror (CPL mirror, ring polarization mirror). The transmission rate of the linear polarization mirror is 41.5%, the extinction ratio is 99.8%, the transmittance of the circular polarization mirror is 30%, and the extinction ratio is 99.9%.

Product features: the polarization mirror can be the incident light, light, or monochromatic light into a linear polarized light, and then through the polarizing plate to completely light extinction.

Product application: polarized lens can be used in the quantitative measurement of polarized light, photographic equipment, polarized light instrument, projection window and other areas of an important optical element.

The polarizing filter is help to remove any non metal surface by unwanted glare.

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History of the record in 1985 Always adhere to the quality of innovation

Has more than 30 years of rich experience and technology research and development capabilities, is committed to become the leading and promote the development of the international optical industry leader;

Cooperate with CCTV, has been adhering to the "continuously to meet customer demand, improve enterprise's social value, the pursuit of perfect design, perfect the self" business philosophy.

Standardized operation Always adhere to the quality of innovation

Strictly according to IS09001 quality standard production, sales and services organization.

Continue to introduce advanced equipment

Has more than 50 sets of optical glass precision CNC processing;

Raw materials, cutting, edge grinding, drilling, grinding, polishing, cleaning and tempering heat treatment process tightly controlled.

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In "the good faith as the foundation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit" as the objective;

According to the different requirements of customers to map customization, to meet customer demand;

Pay attention to each shipping details carefully packaging, land, sea and air to provide customers with the most cost-effective logistics distribution.

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